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Worlds Adrift

Worlds Adrift is an unscripted, sandbox game with real-time physics, set in a world that is permanently changed by players' actions. This new breed of MMO is set in a universe that was destroyed by the overmining of its precious levitating mineral, the Atlas stone. All that remains of the planet surface are the thousands of floating islands still rich in the precious mineral and scattered with artefacts from many lost civilisations. Players will build a legendary skyship and escape to the clouds, forming a crew to seek the lost history of this mysterious world. Worlds Adrift is one of the first games created using Improbable's unique technology, which allows Bossa Studios to simulate real-world physics on a scale never achieved before, for thousands of players in real-time.


Worlds Adrift is a persistent sandbox - every tree that falls and every item crafted will exist and remain where it is forever, until you or someone else interacts with it. Attack creatures and they’ll respond. Defeat a ship and its wreckage plummets to the ground where it will rust through the passage of time, or until another player harvests it.



Everything that moves and everything you touch has its own particular weight and physics. Only the most masterful crews and the strongest skyships will penetrate the powerful wind walls and use physics to their advantage to unleash devastating attacks.



Gain strength in numbers by teaming up with other players to build, share equipment and grow your power together. Join an alliance to explore, attack and defend the world as you and your party see fit. Create unique roles on the same ship so you have each other's backs.



Explore the skies in your own unique skyship of any shape or size that you desire, your options are limitless. Your choice of design will have a direct consequence on how the ship performs in its speed, combat and fuel range, so choose wisely.



Experience truly emergent gameplay with no set missions or quests in a huge multiplayer sandbox. There's no XP or levelling-up, your progress and skill will be driven by accumulating knowledge and artefacts, not by mouse clicks. With no rules or boundaries, you create your own adventure.

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