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Dark Brotherhood Guide: The Basics

The westernmost region of Cyrodiil, the Gold Coast, is packed with intrigue and deadly conspiracies. Be sure and read our first Dark Brotherhood guide to get a handle on the basics, then log onto the PTS to check it out first-hand!


Reaching the Gold Coast


When you purchase the Dark Brotherhood DLC game pack from the Crown Store, you'll have a few options to get started:


1.You can take a boat from either Daggerfall, Davon's Watch, or Vulkhel Guard (depending on your alliance) directly to the Gold Coast


2.You can visit any Outlaw's Refuge and speak to Amelie Crowe, who will grant you the first quest, “Voices in the Dark"


3.You can get the first quest directly from your Collections UI by selecting the DLC option


Once you complete the quest, you will find yourself at the Anvil Lighthouse, ready to speak to Speaker Terenus.


Activities in Dark Brotherhood


Visit Familiar Locations and NPCs


While Western Cyrodiil has many different locations to explore, be sure to check out Anvil and Kvatch during your travels. If you played The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, these two cities should feel very familiar to you! There are also several quests where you'll run into some of your favorite NPCs that you've met before in ESO including Crafty Lerisa, Razum-dar, Naryu Virian, Mel Adrys, and more.

Perform Deadly Executions


As soon as you complete the introductory quest to the Dark Brotherhood, Voices in the Dark, you'll be given access to the Blade of Woe. Should you enter stealth and creep up behind appropriate targets, you'll be able to assassinate the victim!

Perform Repeatable Quests for the Dark Brotherhood


Increase your standing in the Dark Brotherhood and obtain rewards by completing two types of repeatable quests throughout Tamriel: Contract killings will reward you handsomely for disposing of troublesome individuals, and Sacraments will send you to specialized locations to stalk and kill your prey.


Visit New Delves and Defeat Challenging World Bosses


Dark Brotherhood introduces two new delves that you'll want to check out. The first is Hrota Cave, found near Anvil, and the other is Garlas Agea which you can find closer to the middle of the zone. In addition, two new world bosses in the Gold Coast are looking for challengers to defeat them. Limenauruus is a towering minotaur found at Tribune's Folly near the center of the zone, and the other world boss can be found lurking in the Kvatch Arena…

Rewards in the Dark Brotherhood DLC Game Pack


1.Complete the Dark Brotherhood storyline quests, and receive the Shrouded Armor and Black Hand Robe costumes.


2.Defeat bosses in the Gold Coast area and receive the Assassins League crafting style, Tainted Blood.


3.Gain new Mementos by completing the entire zone, or by completing all Black Sacrament achievements.


4.Receive the Cadaverous Assassin Polymorph for completing the Litany of Blood.


5.By discovering all the properties of all the new Reagents we've introduced for Poisonmaking, you'll gain the Viridian Venom dye.


6.Be sure to check out the loyalty reward after you purchase the DLC and enter the Gold Coast! It's a new item that will give your character tons of personality…


Other Tips


1.Participate in all of the Dark Brotherhood content no matter what level you are, even if you've just left the Wailing Prison—your character will be battle-leveled, and will be able to group up and compete with the most experienced of players.


2.Read the bounty boards in Anvil and Kvatch—these have daily quests that ask you to participate in battle and return victorious.


3.Flaunt the latest Crown Store offerings—get the beastly Highland Wolf Mount or charming Sylvan Nixad.

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