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3.43 Days
Buy MU Legend Package
12 Hrs MU Legend Power Leveling
12 Hrs MU Legend Power Leveling
Time:12 Hours | Price : $15.99
24 Hrs MU Legend Power Leveling
24 Hrs MU Legend Power Leveling
Time:24 Hours | Price : $29.99
36 Hrs MU Legend Power Leveling
36 Hrs MU Legend Power Leveling
Time:36 Hours | Price : $39.99
MU Legend Power Leveling 1-30
MU Legend Power Leveling 1-30
Time:2-3 Days | Price : $49.99
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Lastest Complate Orders

  • @ Custorm
    7000 M MU Legend Zen
    Great fast delivery a nerd like me couldnt use anything better for fast cheap gold. Nov/18/2017 18:03:38
  • @ Felix
    7000 M MU Legend Zen
    Very good and fast service that i appreciate most.It's truly efficent. Thumbs up! Nov/18/2017 08:58:32
  • @ Custorm
    5000 M MU Legend Zen
    Live help service is awesome got me exactly what i wanted and helped me with various questions i had about payment. Delivery was quite fast but there wasnt a full payment got 33k in total and didnt recieve it all at once which was abit of a downer but they kept me informed via email about my order and when they had a delivery person online and if i was online. Felt safe and secure at all times!. Nov/17/2017 15:54:28
  • @ another guy
    9000 M MU Legend Zen
    please do it soon:) thanks Nov/17/2017 11:32:25
  • @ Custorm
    9000 M MU Legend Zen
    Very good, ordered 2k steel bar, 1k dragon bones, 3k shark and won an onyx ring in the prize draw, they are working on my order now and say it's going well :) i've also ordered gold farming which was very quick and powerlevelling which was acceptionally quick! very pleased with the online chat service, excellent, and Credits to Jessie for keeping me updated and replying quickly and nicely :) Awesome job! Nov/17/2017 03:28:20
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Esomalls FeedBack

  • Was extremely cooperative on getting my custom order correct.Will definitely buy from again
    Mar/30/2017 @ Well communicated and cooperative
  • The customer service was amazing, friendly and easy. I would recommend this site to friends.
    Mar/28/2017 @ Great service, speedy order filling
  • First time buying from this web site got my item within 5 min and online chat was fast and easy!
    Mar/26/2017 @ Great service
  • Ordered and recieved in less than 10 minutes, Was discreet and would purchase from again :)
    Mar/23/2017 @ Fast! Trustworthy! Excellent Service!
  • Great customer service and fast delivery. Trust worthy site and check out their reviews 100% all around.
    Mar/21/2017 @ Fastest and cheapest site around
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