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  • @ Very Helpful
    400000 K FFXIV Gil
    Lucy was a great help on live chat and was very helpful answering my questions. I will definitely use them again. Mar/28/2020 05:05:56
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    80000 K FFXIV Gil
    Got my gold within 10 minutes. Excellent service. I felt safe the entire time.. Mar/27/2020 15:06:58
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    20000 K FFXIV Gil
    I bought 2 bill and it was going excellent, some trouble with the paypal because it was from my bro so they needed his permission but he wasnt answering his phone -.-". But after he gave permission, in like 5 min i got 2bill (1,9b from tax). Spoke to Ivy Zhao, she is very nice and friendly and answered all my questions! Thanks Ivy Zhao!! Mar/24/2020 15:46:21
  • @ Custorm
    300000 K FFXIV Gil
    This website is also i never quit buy stuff from this website it's cheap and fast order in time and i will buy again as soon as possible how PROFESSIONAL are they! Mar/24/2020 02:21:59
  • @ Patrick
    20000 K FFXIV Gil
    Amazing service, fast. Only buy from this site ^-^ Cheapest NX seller, also get discount codes which makes it even better :D. Will continue buying nx from this site. Mar/23/2020 15:14:27
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