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What would you do to pug a vet dungeon in ESO

If I'm going to pug a vet dungeon, I make sure I always queue with at least one friend so that I know half the group is solid. Ideally I'd get all 4 people and avoid the pug altogether, but having a buddy means that you can more easily influence votekicks should the need arise (you and your buddy can look out for each other). Warning sign #1 is when they do not talk in chat at all. I always make it a point to say hi at the beginning of the dungeon, and oftentimes I get a response. 


For dungeons that are mechanic heavy, I ask if everyone knows the mechanics before we begin. If you are met with stone-cold silence, that is a sign that things may not be so great in the future. Warning sign #2 is afk players. I realize that group finder queues can be excessively long sometimes, so I usually give everyone a couple of minutes before starting. I'll go through all the trash until the first boss with only 3 people if need be, but once I reach that boss I pause and if the 4th isn't there yet, I ask for a status update and vote to kick a minute later if no reply.


What would you do to pug a vet dungeon in ESO


If you can't get enough votes to kick, don't be afraid to just leave yourself. It may be a better outcome than banging your head against the same boss 10 times until the other people ragequit. I'd advise you to not jump to that TOO early, however; explain mechanics in chat (if they are any) or just general combat advice (for example, some people still need reminding that resurrecting other players is something that should be done, instead of assuming someone else will do it, just pick someone and assign them to res duty). Stay optimistic, and don't point fingers/blame at anyone except for yourself even if it is obvious that someone else messed up. 


Any advice you give in chat should be constructive and phrased in such a way to not *** them off, as you still need to work together to succeed and that's a lot harder to do when there is visible animosity among group members. If someone else is raging, ask them nicely to stop or vote to kick them. I'd much rather kick someone pulling amazing DPS that's raging at a crap healer than the healer who may be trying a new build or something (yes, people try new builds or are new to dungeons in general even at cp300+, don't assume that because someone has piles of cp that they've run every dungeon dozens of times before and know their role inside and out).


Failing all of the above, just pug normals instead of vet until you run into a couple of really awesome people that you get along with in chat, add them to your friends list, and then just dungeon with them in days to come instead of relying as much on group finder.

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