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What Will Elder Scrolls Online Going to Be??

The statement is simple an based on truth. Hands down this is the worst I have seen a AAA studio handle a MMO.


1) EQ 1 and 2 had 1 /3 of the budget by the three year mark each of them had released 3 full blown expansions with multiple layers in there AA systems.

In the case of eq 2 they released with a housing system , a crafting system that to this day still is hands down best in any MMO period. Had 3 full blown expansions with new level caps had multiple trees in the AA system. And had tripled there raid and single group content. All the while still maintaing the leveling system and quest system as solo friendly. 3x the classes to balance and released 3 dlc's in between making full expansions.


What Will Elder Scrolls Online Going to Be??


2)AOC probably top 5 most buggy game at launch by three years had one full blow expacs that doubled the size of the world it was massive. Added 4 more tiers of raiding completely re did their itemization and fixed almost all their major issues. (Jesus it took Zos two years to fix their group bug, you literally had a 50/50 chance of being able to invite another person to group ).


3 ) Rift this was a start up studio first time project. Only 60 mil to start the whole studio and produce their first game. They made true dynamic content, gave full events monthly, by 2 year they had given more content away then zos has sold in three. By three they released another full blown giant expac, introduced new souls and battlegrounds. I mean massively expanded and improved the game.


There are more games I could name that have done a fairly decent job but it would be redundant. I know it sounds harsh but they have done a poor job post development. The consumer gets short changed . Let's not act like Zos is this innocent victim of whiny players.


They made a choice to milk this game early . It's extremely clear the content is cheaply thrown out with no longevity to it and the repourpsed content, resold Dlc with a skin that are marked up 3x the original sale . The mounts and premium items that can only be obtained by gambling. They are not available by actually playing the game. It's all predatory buisness practices. Let's not pat them on the back while are pulling a corporate pick pocket.

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