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What Should Tank, DPS, and Healer Do in ESO??

So, I've run into a few posts about what a tank, healer, or DPS should be doing in dungeons. I think, over time, these roles have begun to get ruined for this game. I have Tanks who hold aggro, debuff/buff, and use crowd control. I have healers who heal and buff groups while adding DPS when they can. I have DPS who burn mobs/bosses, add debuffs, and buff the group.


I'm getting sick and tired of seeing this game become more and more lopsided. I know that the game seems to be 90% DPS- but in no way should a tank or healer have to run all three roles while DPS continue to become more like "glass cannons". There's no reason why 4-man dungeons should be run with DPSers who have 15k health and die with a petty boss's one-shot. Come-the-hell-on, guys. 


What Should Tank, DPS, and Healer Do in ESO??


I get it- I really do. Tanks and healers need to be versatile and adapt to situations. But some of you DPS need to be able to survive and add to the buffs/debuffs. 30-40K DPS doesn't help if you're dead. Also, I've noticed that people want tanks or healers to run certain builds in order to improve DPS... but the damage dealers aren't pulling 30k. Don't use your tank/healer as your crutch. If a group's going to tell a tank that they have to run tava/ebon/bloodspawn with aggressive warhorn- they'd all better be pulling at least 30k DPS. If a group's telling the healer that they have to run Spellpower Cure with Kagrenac- they'd all better be pulling at least 30k DPS.


Seriously. I feel like this game is going down a slippery slope with the DPS/Tank/Healer roles. There's, quite literally, almost 100 sets in this game. Many are DPS, Tank, or Healer oriented- but it seems like people want to pigeonhole everything into just a couple of sets for each role. Stop it. For the love of Kyne- stop it!


This trend seems to always happen on MMORPGs. Players obsess over damage and the other roles become less and less pronounced. What makes it worse is that developers often accommodate it instead of resisting it - and turn everything into a DPS race - and other roles (such as the once popular support role that used to be common in MMORPGs) are scrapped and thrown away because players scorn them and regard them as useless because they can't do as much damage.


This has had a very negative impact on MMORPG game play as well,. Combat strategy is often reduced to just kill as fast as you can! instead of back in what I would consider the MMO glory days when combat had many different strategic layers for a variety of roles to fill. As an example: in the early days of LOTRO you had entire classes like the Lore Master that was devoted to crowd control and resource recovery - the Captain that excelled at buffs and support healing - or the Red Mage from the Final Fantasy series to name another.


MMORPGs need to get back to that and expand their combat roles and make fights more strategic and interesting. This obsessive emphasis on damage at the expense of everything else has not done this genre any favors.

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