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The Elder Scrolls Online another auction house thread

Now a lot of players are discussing The Elder Scrolls online another auction line thread, today I will tell you about my views.

I think if they put a global auction in the game with a 5 item cap it would work. It is a kinda have your cake and eat it too. However, it could be complemented with an auction house and a cap on items a player can post per week or whatever works.

Besides, the OP offers a different slant on it. Personally I prefer the idea of having a NPC trader in the main trading locations through whom anyone could list a very restricted number of items at high commission to be shared between the guilds trading in that location. It would cater for casual sellers as well as those who are either not in a trading guild or else are in a trading guild that doesn't have a trader at that time.

The odds of Zenimax ever adding any kind of auction house are about half-way between very slim and none at all. People have proposed dozens and dozens of different ideas all of which have been ignored - again, a simple search will show you this.

An AH would surely be faster than going capital to capital. It would lower prices. It would benefit buyers. The current system benefits sellers and trade guilds. In the current system, a trade guild can leverage their trader position, against gold from their members (e.g. "We need money to keep up our guild trader ...) Is it fair?

An Auction House benefits buyers and trade guilds go away. They would offer no service to the player. People who get the shiny McGuffins first would be the ones to sell them for the most money. Players would naturally undercut one another, forcing prices downard. There would be no market, just a slow slide of lowering prices.

Of course, all of this has been discussed in detail. The only effect I can see to limiting a player to five items is that slow slide is a little slower. And if we're going to have an AH, let's just have one and be done with it.

This game needs an auction house. It always has. It's stupid that you have to belong to a guild to sell things on the open market - especially considering most popular trading guilds kick you if you aren't profitable enough or take breaks from the game.


The OP offers a fair compromise for those worried about a saturated market by suggesting a 5 item limit. So it was a constructive post and not a dead horse.

Besides - the anti auction crowd (and ZOS for that matter) have already lost all credibility on this subject by both using and endorsing addons which allow players to price check items by comparing it to what other players have purchased them for - which renders their whole counter argument moot. They purposely chose a system that relied solely on guild stores, yet they responded to criticisms by adding traders in the open world.

I'm sure that those who make millions from the trading system regard it as a vibrant and successful economy, but the fact that it caters for such a small part of the playerbase would suggest otherwise. As for the social aspect of trading, there's nothing remotely social about belonging to several trading guilds whose members barely communicate and basing all your prices on an addon.

Some people have brought up that bots would be an issue. I would have to agree as it gives them another avenue to do their thing. My suggestion would be for the developers, to use the bots. Assuming they have a way to track them and once said bot account has accumulated x amount of gold simply delete said bot account. This would provide a free gold sink service and good for the health of any mmo.

Easy to say. Considering the hundreds of millions in gold in sales that go through the guild traders, it is very vibrant and robust. As I said, they are here to stay. I think we can agree on that since there is absolutely no sign it is going to change anytime soon.

The best solution could be simply not to add an "auction" house but rather a "trading" house - so solo & small guild players could sell their stuff too - and of course with some reasonable limit like 1 - 5 items per week or something like that.

The current merchant system is good bc more varience in prices. It would more or less have to be amount of items per week and work with the current system. ZoS in my opinion did good with current merchant system but, it needs improvements to make it less of a time vampire. I get that they do not want to be like other mmos but, if you reinvent the wheel then make a better wheel otherwise emulate.

The duration of the auction could dictate cost of posting. So max would be 1 week at high cost and cheap for just the day capped at 5 items a week.

This is the view of another auction line on the Elder Scrolls online. In general, the auction behavior of The Elder Scrolls Online is still acceptable. Hope that the Elder Scrolls Online team can better serve our gamers.

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