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People will still do doungens and run trials in ESO

I appreciated your input and this is what forum is about to get all points of view but im not sure what you are trying to say there buddy ... sorry maybe its just me but me your all over the place ...


however i will try to see if i can respond to that somehow if anybody has better response please go ahead


People will still do doungens and run trials in ESO


People will still do doungens and run trials even if the items are BOE same as they did before, and here is why


1) they dont have money and want to get the item

2) they want to farm and sell it to get gold so they can buy mats or other items they need

3) undaunted to get the key and try their RNG to get the actual shoulders they need.

4) achivments / speed runs

5/ training the new people in guilds and preparing them for trials ect.


before the update i believe the ratio betwen BOP and BOE was significant there were many items that were BOE and few that were BOP.


I am curious though how many of you, not just the commentors but also the voters, are min-maxers? Do sharpened traits matter so much to you that you need it to get closer to 50k DPS or are you still trying to get over 20k -_-


if you are a player in any MMO you want to be the best you can be , i believe this is just the way most humans are we compete in everything to be better then other person or to be best and be proud , so its only natural you want that extra %2 to push you over the limit. I guess unless you just don't care i or are lazy then there are people like that so they would not care what trait they get but then again those are probably the same people who complain when they get kicked out of dungeon for doing 10k damage when they should be doing 30-40k minimum.


Then there are also theory crafters out there who LOVE to experiment with different builds and are wasting so much time trying to get all of the right items to try it out.


Like i said to me BOP affects allot of people

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