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How non ESO+ players manage their own ESO inventory

If you are not an ESO + player, then how do you manage your own Elder Scrolls Online inventory? Next, I will tell you how to manage your own ESO inventory.

If you are leveling a main and several alt crafters, you actually don't need to do any crafting for BS-WW-Cloth-Enchanting. Just decon every bit of loot you receive. Have the highest level character feeding the highest level loot to the alts as soon as they don't need it themselves.

If you plan on craft-swap-decon between all characters, you will need lots of materials stored in the bank and on alts.

For Alchemy you only need various waters in inventory and only 2 flowers/greases that make a potion. You can save this leveling for after you get higher levels and gold and can just buy stacks of waters and two cheap ingredients.

For Provisioning you only need 4 green recipes at specific levels and you can buy most of them from the Chef or Brewer. You only need two ingredients that make each of the recipes. You can save this leveling for later as well.

For Enchanting there is no easy way to level without large amounts of runes/glyphs. Decon every loot glyph is probably the best effort until you have large gold reserves.


1. The most decon IP comes from the highest level of items

Gold from kills is leveled to character level. If you level all of your alts evenly, none of them will reach high levels soon, unless you play each for several hours a day. For purely craft leveling it would be better to level one character as high as possible and feed the alts all that loot along the way for craft leveling until you are ready to focus on playing the alts.

2. Every item for craft leveling can be purchased with enough gold

Learn all your motifs/recipes/traits/furniture on one master crafter. Only learn the alts enough to level their crafts and no more (1 Racial stone, 4 recipes) unless you really plan to do Master Writs/Furniture on alts. You would have to learn hundreds of recipes/motifs/traits/furniture on every alt.

3. Use your main crafter to make all the alchemy and provisioning items for the alts

You can bank/stack those and just turn them in. Glyphs have to be made by each crafter.

Some will tell you not to get ESO plus but if you intend on playing this game its almost a must have. You get an experience bonus but the main thing is the craft bag that comes with ESO plus. The craft bag is a separate tab on your inventory were all crafting items automatically get deposited. I can tell its size is limitless. Imagine ingots/ore, cloth, runes, food components, alchemy components, style materials, and trait gems not taking up precious inventory or bank space. This saves bank space and main inventory for armor, weapons, potions, and food. Without the craft bag you will constantly have to sell or destroy items that you may not want to.

The bank needs to stay relatively clear and what BMR allows you to do is set multiple profiles for each character. So when my main character visits the bank I have buttons that pop up next to the bank inventory that I have labeled "Deposit" and "Take Food", "Take Wood". So when I hit "Deposit" the parameters I have set in BMR take effect and all style materials, food/alchemy/enchanting supplies, etc get deposited into the bank. Then I log in my alchemy supply mule (who is camped at the bank) and hit the "Withdraw" button and all alchemy supplies get taken out of the bank.

I'm not sure my quick explanation does the system justice but I've been using it since launch. Bank Manager and then Bank Manager Revived made the process 1000x easier. It still takes a little time to get everything organized but once you get used to it it's pretty smooth.

Use your bank space almost exclusively for crafting mats , dont be afraid to purge stuff (particularily raw metal/fiber/leather as they can net a decent amount of gold in guild stores) that you outlevel focus your gold on bag and bank upgrades, occasionally log it in and sweep your bank for items to put in its inven (recommended stuff like motifs, maps, recipes and so on, stuff you wont immediately need but still want to store).

Hope that those who are not ESO + players can better manage their own game inventory.

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