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This is it. After two OTHER videos leading up to this one, I believe you're now ready to attempt to enter the big league of professional thievery! This will be my FINAL (unless there is a crazy thieving update added to the game) Fastest ESO Gold making tutorial. Every single location here is able to be robbed successfully WITHOUT being caught, as I have done each location numerous times. Enjoy your stay... IN OTHER PEOPLES HOMES!!!

0:00 well gee whiz if there is one thing that riles me up it is got to be this

0:05 what could that be killed with you do words that continuously post videos that

0:08 are roughly the same thing over and over again

0:11 oh you shed it like I always come up with absolutely unique ideas

0:17 sure well anyways that's besides the point I've got a great new and totally

0:21 unique never done before video that i really need to jump into here

0:24 awesome and that video is making money fast and the other Scrolls online so i

0:30 know that a lot of you saw the title of this video and immediately thought you

0:33 lived with you already have two videos on making money as own

0:37 and while that might be correct it is also true

0:40 my first money making video focus solely on stealing weapons and armor things of

0:44 lower value

0:45 - then deconstruct them to level up and games and materials to either sell them

0:49 or keep them my second video focus much more on teaching you how to become the

0:54 master thief

0:55 there's a difference okay but now I believe that you already have you ever

0:59 thought to yourself

1:00 hey although i'm a steely guy why are my stealing ways making me enough gold to

1:04 afford luxurious items such as a bread today I'm about to teach her that the

1:08 earth isn't actually the center of the solar system

1:11 yeah you are today I'm going to show you my top locations to rob valuable items

1:15 making you 50,000 golden hour if not more before you head out to ruin other's

1:20 lives i have a few reminders

1:22 if you have rapid maneuver use it make as much space as you can in your

1:26 inventory always pick pocketed possible and if you have a blade of well

1:30 pickpocket civilians twice then assassinate them have the possibility of

1:33 getting more items doing it that way and believes for the level Bartholomew T we

1:38 do not steal items worth less than a hundred gold trust me it is not worth

1:42 your time stealing them

1:44 also remember to check every single little trunk and shelf that you can

1:48 sometimes they don't contain valuable items as well but people always forget

1:51 about them they all show no love

1:53 why why don't we care finally remembered to level up both the thieves guild skill

1:58 line if you have the dlc of course and your legerdemain skills

2:01 the reason being that this will maximize the amount you can sell to the thieves

2:04 guild maximize the amount of gold that you get for selling stolen goods and it

2:08 gives you a higher chance to instantly break into difficult safe boxes

2:11 unless you are like me and RM professional and lastly it will help you

2:15 maximize store each with that being said grab your locked pics prepare your

2:21 Crouch button and let's get roided into a very informational and helpful video

2:25 and what better way to start off this lesson with the lesser alliances

2:30 starting off with the ebonheart pact

2:31 unless of course you've completed all the campaigns then you can just go to

2:34 all these locations

2:35 so now as a respectable thief you are going to want to travel to a city filled

2:38 with drunkards and morons in that city is known as wind help here i have drawn

2:42 up the map of went home with my exact even wrote

2:45 so now it's time to pretend like you're a paper boy running from house to house

2:49 but instead of delivering papers you're stealing innocent people valuable items

2:52 that they can't afford to lose

2:54 so let's start at the mages guild which contains three safe boxes all downstairs

2:58 there are two to the left and one of them to the right from there let's move

3:01 on to the fighters guild which contains five safe boxes three downstairs and two

3:05 upstairs and bullies don't let this guy catch you trust me

3:09 sheesh everything now we're gonna have right next door to st. Mary's house has

3:15 to save boxes one upstairs and one downstairs and please Rob this guy he

3:19 doesn't deserve nice things

3:21 next we're gonna head up to the open hall Porter I'm not inside the building

3:24 but rather all the businesses outside the building

3:27 there are four shops that contain safe boxes here after you rob these people of

3:30 their livelihood head on over to the sober door tavern which contains one

3:33 safe box downstairs now we need to use our San excuse to dash across the town

3:38 to adams street which contains one safe box as well as their next-door

3:42 neighbor's the trees bounty

3:43 at this point you can - on down to the thieves guild sell all that loot remove

3:47 your bounty that you possibly have

3:49 and then head on over to the cold movie in which contains two safe boxes one

3:52 upstairs and one downstairs and just keep running this loop until you sold

3:56 your maximum amount take an hour break to make yourself a start of the tears of

3:59 the people that you storm from and then repeat the process

4:02 next up is the Aldmeri Dominion and because the other married to me is

4:05 filled with poor slobs it took me nearly three hours to find locations that had

4:09 more than just two or three safe boxes

4:11 first off we're gonna head right back to one of my favorite armor and weapon

4:14 robin locations

4:15 the great Deku Tree the first floor of the way shrine has nothing nada

4:19 so we're going to use our running powers to head to level two here we have a lot

4:23 of backpacks and Trunks Rob but the two main state boxes that you want are

4:27 located at the woodworking station and at the clothing station

4:30 next up head on over to the nerd skilled in which you will find another to safe

4:34 boxes one in the alchemy station and one in the enchanting station and then

4:37 finally head over to the fighters guild where you will find the last two safe

4:40 boxes in various areas where all the armor and weapons are

4:43 thanks for skipping out allows Dominion but hard

4:47 there are two more for that was to Aramis now you're gonna head on over to

4:50 the town of roll call which contains another seven safe boxes started here's

4:54 the winds home

4:55 yes you need to break in steal their once a box steal from them and then head

4:59 over to the waxing precedent which contains another to safe boxes one

5:03 upstairs and one downstairs and make sure to load all the cabinets and

5:07 shelves here

5:07 there are a lot next up head straight over to the market section of town

5:11 here you will find other to save boxes along with many backpacks and Trunks to

5:16 steal from

5:16 next up you can head straight into kunas hut where she thought she could hide a

5:20 safe box behind her desk

5:22 well it's time to prove her wrong finally head on over to the bank which

5:26 has the last safe box sitting to your right as you enter

5:30 there's a thieves guild located right next to the banks will just drop off

5:33 those items and then head back out for your next round

5:35 and finally we're going to travel to a land

5:38 the breeze the power of true Majesty the Daggerfall covenant and we're gonna Rob

5:44 the heck out of these nice citizens Daggerfall covenant by far has the most

5:48 amount of solid Robbie locations but one place stands out amongst the crowd and

5:53 that place is Holland stand alright so we start off our journey at the fountain

5:57 court market the town square which has a millions of safe boxes and by millions i

6:02 mean 50 just go ahead and jump right on into these little market boost to grab

6:07 them all

6:07 now go on over to the player's skill which has one safe box and then to the

6:11 neighbor's house conceals home in which you will find another safe box

6:14 now you wait can you wait please pick pocket be on your way out

6:18 what makes you think you're worthy of my pickpocketing skills

6:23 I am NOT but i will let all my friends know that you can pickpocket them as

6:26 well

6:27 ok I agree to your terms present from controls home go to the magical ring

6:32 which has one safe box over the home of rooted another nerve was a box and then

6:36 head over to the sublime elixir which has another one now you must make like a

6:40 tree and run across the city over to the drowsy I'll which contains three safe

6:43 boxes all on the bottom floor and in different rooms now add to your next

6:47 three locations the Mages Guild the steeping son and then finally the

6:51 snakeskin sides which all have one safe box each

6:54 now you can make the choice to either continue stealing good no one stopped me

6:59 or you can take the time to travel to whichever thieves guild you believe is

7:03 closest to you

7:04 and there you have it now you're cooking with gasoline

7:08 soon you'll be the envy of all your friends no longer will you be forced

7:11 into by no-name brand steak

7:13 you can afford steak in a bowl which by the way I cells taking a ball margin .

7:17 but there is one final way for you to maximize your gold count by two hundred

7:21 and twenty ten for simply bring all of your stolen goods to your local fragment

7:26 put on the coolest helmet you own and then you

7:32 yeah

7:41 yeah 

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