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Elder Scrolls Online old player tips for new players

Now a lot of gamers are playing Elder Scrolls Online, in the middle there are a lot of players to play more long, there are a lot of new players have just joined, some new players do not know how to play, and now some old players give some tips.

As soon as you are both level 10 go into Cyrodiil (pvp), here there is a small tutorial (you do no pvp whatsoever) that takes just a few minutes to complete and will move your pvp skill line up to rank 2 and award 2 skill points, you can then use one of those easily earned skill points to unlock "rapid manouvres" (its on the Assault skill line which you will unlock while in Cyrodiil) which will give your mount a pretty nifty speed boost for when you are out and about in the rest of tamriel questing/skysharding etc, just unslot it when you hand in quests so the xp gained from those will count towards whatever ability you replace it with.

Tons of customization. If you get to lvl 50 and decide that instead of using stamina you want to use magica you can pay gold at a rededication shrine and start over with your attribute points and skill points.

As for your horses, you can pay 250 gold a day (or every 22 hours I believe) to increase your mount speed, the amount of stamina while riding or your carrying capacity (each point in this category is an extra inventory slot for that character). This is leveling on your character, not your mount, so you can switch up your mount with no loss of speed, stamina or space. This does not transfer between characters, however. If you want to play multiple tons, I recommend logging in on each once a day to level your mounts at the stables so it's not a hassle when you start switching over to play.

Also, when creating your character have in mind what you'd like to play, a stamina character or magicka. Knowing this means you can pick the right race the first time which will save you a fair bit of stress! Last of all, enjoy the game! Don't feel like you have to get a set of items because you read on a guide that it's the best. Do what you want to do, that's the best way to enjoy the game!


One of you needs to start researching asap, research will take 30 days for the last one if you have all of the passives, so it's best to start early. If one of you picks an imperial, make that your crafter.

  • Train your mount skills every 20 hours

It costs 250 gold and there are 180 upgrades to go through. Prioritize speed and bag space over stamina.

  • Upgrade your bag space

The first 2 upgrades cost 2400 gold, you can easily get that within a few hours of playing.

  • Join a guild or 5. Guilds are damn near required for endgame

If a guild ad gets your attention you should go for it. you can teleport to each other for free if you're grouped, in a guild, or on each others friends list. Right click on their name in any of those tabs and you can travel to them for free.

  • Research Traits as soon as possible

Traits are on armors and weapons, e.g. divine (the most useful in endgame), impenetrable (best in pvp) or training (best for leveling).

It takes an insane amount of time to research everything (about a year or something?) and you definately want to know all traits, even if you dont plan on crafting now or in the future.

Research is required for

  • Applying the traits on your armor. You want a Sharp Dagger crafted? Then you need to have the trait Sharp researched.
  • Crafting Set Armor, which gives huge boni if you wear the whole set. Some Sets require 9 Traits researched. So if you want a sharp Dagger from the set Twice Born Star you need to have 9 traits for dagger researched.
  • Daily Craftings: Some stuff is locked behind crafting vouchers. You get the vouchers for some daily quests and to complete them you need the research. So you want a fancy Alchemy Table for your House? Then you need to get crafting vouchers and for that you need to have as many traits researched as possible.
  • Most important thing: the research timer doubles for every trait researched. First trait: 6 hours, 2nd trait: 12 hours. 3rd Trait: 24 hours, 4th trait: 2days, 5th trait: 4 days. 6th trait: 8 days. 7th trait: 16 days 8th trait: 30 days (its capped at 30 days). 9th trait: 30 days.

In total you need around 3month to fully research one item, if you have no downtime. That alone is insane. Now you not only have 1 item, but 14 items. You can research 3 at once later in the game, but you need around 15 months to fully research everything if you have no downtime.

Hope that these tips can help those who join the new gamers, more new player guides can visit the official website, I wish you happy fun.

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