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Elder Scrolls Online: Which Centric Class to Choose, Frost or Cold ?

I did, though. You used daedric magic as an excuse when I had already said that you DO have special permission to use it, and you went about how you practice illegal activities to advance on DB and TG when I had already said that you get bounties for that and that getting bounties for using class skills is impossible and would gimp the class.


You cooperate with necromancers in order to save the world. Aelif, you didn't even know she was working with Molag Bal up to the point when you have to fight and kill her. You are not practicing necromancy yourself, and certainly not working under Mannimarco while working with Aelif. And on the one instance when you DO practice necromancy, while working with Tharn, there is an explanation as to why you are working with Tharn. There should also be an explanation as to why you are allowed to practice necromancy. Oh also, the whole deal with Tharn happened away from prying eyes.


Elder Scrolls Online: Which Centric Class to Choose, Frost or Cold ?


Illegality would make a necromancer class not be lore-friendly, that's why illegality is impossibility. On the case of it being a class. On the way you are defending. Even the arguments you used pointed at a world skill instead of a class. If it is a world skill and we get an explanation, then it becomes lore-friendly and everybody (should be) happy, so why not?


It isn't a viable playable class because it will either be gimped (illegal, thus giving you a bounty) or lore-unfriendly (illegal, but not giving you a bounty). The only way out is having it as a world skill and either giving your character special permission to practice it, like you have permission to practice daedric magic once a member of the Mages Guild, or making it a criminal side activity like murder and thievery. That's how Necromancy can be added in a lore-friendly, believable way.


If you prefer it to be added in a way that isn't lore-friendly (just throwing it in the game as a class with no explanation whatsoever), then I am positively 100% against this idea.


Now tell me, why are you against adding necromancy in a lore-friendly way? And, better yet, in a way that would be available to every class? Why must it be added on the one way that would make it lore-unfriendly? Why can't we just have an explanation for being allowed to use necromancy, like we have for daedric magic?

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