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Elder Scrolls Online: the Holiday Events

Of course, those are set up to be non-disruptive... there is a difference if the ones not participiating are pelted with mudballs during their virtual lives, or if some "epic fight" squishes them flat just as they were coming in town to unload their inventories, repair their gear, shop for that one last set piece, take their daily riding lession whatever (or if they would have to take a huge detour becvause the only bank on the map is currently under "epic assault").


Are you telling me noone could POSSIBLY be vexed by your epic event wet dream interfering with their normal RPG lives? Why should the people who don't want it have to "go to enother city", instead of those who want the fighting "go to the epic battle" instead??


So, the core of my puzzlement, why is it so vital to you that those "epic events" happen where they -would- disrupt others? Why not let them be like the world bosses (admitted, the old ones are a little meh, though they got way more fun in the DLCs, especially the wrothgar ones)? Why not have epic events like the public dungeon group events? Why not put them somewhere instanced. Or at least in some region far away from "common questing" people?


Elder Scrolls Online: the Holiday Events


Now, if not for that issue... the general idea is not so bad. Personally I would like to see something to spice up things for advanced players, I just would not want to see it inflicted on the ones strtuggling to get their characters through the stories... if those "epic world events" were set away from the common people... in some corner of the map noone ever really needs to go to (not that ESO has many of those)


Or maybe linked to the dolmen... like, say, a dolmen occasionally spawning an much stronger then usual incursion... think orsinium unfinished dolmen style... even better if it happened in cyrodil, and the spawening daedra came and took a keep, garrisoning it so the alliances could siege against an NPC defence that is stronger then most player.defended keeps... or something along those lines.


As long as it does not interfere with those causal players who just want to get through their story in the gaming time they have available each day. And the main thing is - all the cities are tied into the questlines.


So, if you really wanted a "city attack" event... it should happen instanced (also easily doable... for example, take the island of stirk map that was only used once during the mainquest, and make it an "diplomatic neutral ground outpost"... that occasionally comes under siege by NPC forces, be it maormer invasion attempts, molag bal daedric incursion, imperial fleet or whatever...)


Another idea might be an "assault on oblivion" theme... massive player groups storming some coldhabour/deadlands/whatever fortress as sort of "let's go bigger then world bosses or trials in PvE".

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I did, though. You used daedric magic as an excuse when I had already said that you DO have special permission to use it

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