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Elder Scrolls Online: the Followers and the Marriage System Are Wonderful

First, I don't rightly know if the topic in question has already been discussed. My thoughts are as stated in the title. Some of the npcs you meet in ESO you grow an attachment to, and I wish I could take them into battle similar to how SWTOR does that system. Same with romance. I know some people are against it, but the older I get, the more I appreciate some good old romance flavor. Along with this "housing" thing I keep hearing about, it would make sense to put these two together. Plus it helps with immersion and would draw me more into this would if I could take someone with me while I'm not doing group activites. Explore the world with a companion. Though romance and marriage aside, the biggest thing I want is to be able to have a follower when I'm not grouping with guildies or doing dungeons.


Take Eveli Sharp-Arrow for instance. Throughout the Orsinium main quest, you get to understand her and become invested in making sure her wellbeing is being accounted for... At least for me. I fell in love with her. Her humor, mannerisms, her concerns and fear. I was pretty worried when she got captured and put everything else aside to make sure she was fine. And in the end, it would make sense lorewise to meet up with Eveli again since she says our paths would one day cross again. Its with many other npcs throughout ESO also. Like Naryu Visran, or Velaste.


Elder Scrolls Online: the Followers and the Marriage System Are Wonderful

Elder Scrolls Online: the Followers and the Marriage System Are Wonderful


I like ESO. If I didn't, I wouldn't of played this long. But the world feels empty, especially when people whom you grew close with in the game no longer play anymore. Being able to have Eveli with me would help me enjoy the game a whole lot again.

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