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Elder Scrolls Online: Beasts Skill Sets Should Be Available for Both Paths

Actually it is the purpose of this game, since the character frequently makes some choices which I still have to see the consequences : it could be made so the players eventually have to follow either the hero or the daedric path due to his choices through questing.


Choosing the daedra path or the hero path would be exclusive eventually : for sure the mysticism skill set wouldn't be the same for both, and witches bloodpact as daedra cults would bring different skill sets than mage and fighter guilds indeed.


Elder Scrolls Online: Beasts Skill Sets Should Be Available for Both Paths


I think beasts skill sets (vampire and werewolf) should be available for both paths, yet they could add a kin skill set allowing to become a kin for good (vampire like but in a lesser daedra skin) and only available for players having choosed the daedra path.


Sub factions affiliations should also be exclusive (ex : only one dunmer house affiliation, one kajjit smuggler clan affiliation for they compete with each other).


It could not be that time consuming to make since they could reused some existing DLC quests, since some of those affiliations are quite close to the current guilds, example with dunmer :


- morag tong could use the dark brotherhood kind of quests to rank up

- house hlaalu could use the thieves guild kind of quests to rank up

- house redoran affiliation could use the fighter guild kind of quests to rank up

- house telvanni affiliation could use the mage guild kind of quests to rank up

- house indoril affiliation could use the astronomican kind of quests to rank up

- so called disappeared house dagoth would be in daedric side.


I think this kind of sub factions addition is possible for any great faction for at least one race, not knowing them all as good as dunmer, but bosmer could have various gods/spirits sub faction affiliations for example.

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