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Elder Scrolls Online: A Story Between Boy And Girl

Today I would like to tell you all a tale of the boy and girl that couldn't speak. The boy and girl was lost, but the boy was very confused thinking that he was a might tanky hero. In their wandering, they entered a cave known as Darkshade II and there they met two heroes, one with a staff to magically mend wounds, and a cat of white whiskers who has been around a few dungeons.


Exploring the dungeon, the boy and girl have some trouble with great monsters within. A giant Netch sprouted from the aquifer! Its armor so thick that it bounces back attacks, but the boy and girl did not realize this and kept knocking themselves unconscious. The hero with the staff finds himself being attacked and also is knocked out! The cat must wake them up a couple times in order to slay the foul beast!


Then the two heroes and the boy and girl make it to the final room where a large dwarven construct came crawling down from the ceiling! When this construct releases poison, everyone falls unconscious! The cat asks if the all the others if they have been in this room before, and only the hero will the magical staff responds. Alas! The cat learns the boy and girl cannot speak! So the cat explains how to turn off the poison before the dwarven construct can come down again and release its poison. Because the boy and girl cannot talk, the cat thanks himself for taking the time to explain the mechanics.


Elder Scrolls Online: A Story Between Boy And Girl


The girl snaps her fingers at the cat for being rude, leaving the cat dumbfounded on how explaining mechanics is rude. This one thinks when asked a question, and not answering it is rude but the girl continues to snap her fingers.


When a cat talks, it is not so surprisingly that one loses their voice, yes?


Another story of mine but this one is a bit older since I haven't played much lately.


I do not mind slow runs normally when people are new but this experience was exceptionally slow. There was no party chatter, and it is possible they were talking with voice, but nothing was said the entire time. And the tank took forever to engage each mob, and the other two would just wait. This was on NORMAL Blackheart Bay, so after the first two bosses, I got impatient waiting and just ran to take care of the mobs myself.


I even went slow to search for the Heavy Sack and chest locations. When I picked up a few heavy sacks at the end of the Hagraven boss, 2 of the party members just continued on and didn't pick them up. So I continue on, killing most of the mobs solo and kill the boss. I didn't die once, and don't remember if anyone else died.


I leave group immediately after the final boss, and one of the players thought to leave a quip over "Say" chat just as I'm leaving calling me bad.


People are the best! They refuse to say anything unless they have some bad to say.

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