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Better Beginner Build: Stam Sorc vs Stam/Mag DK


I'm very new to this game, and plan on buying it very soon, and I'm trying to make decisions between two classes. I've played the game before, and I'm definitely a bigger fan of melee combat over magic, so I'm leaning toward a heavy armor/2h or dual weird build.

My favorite race in the TES series is definitely the Orcs, so I think my first build will definitely be an Orc, and obviously that leans more towards a melee fighter anyway. As I've been researching builds, I've essentially narrowed it down to either a Stam Sorc or a DK.

I watched several videos, and while I understood most of the information, a lot of it seemed very endgame-y and was likely way over my head. I watched Fengrush's Stam Sorc build and obviously that looks incredibly fun, but it also seems very complex, and it may not be as conducive for a beginner + being on console.

Any advice for those who've had experience with either build, or are generally more knowledgeable about the game than I am (probably most of you). I know it's largely a matter of opinion, but it'd definitely help to get some insight on the intricacies and difficulties of each class.

Edit: Also, for what it's worth, I'd like to be viable for both PvE and PvP content, if that helps at all in advising a build.


The reason most guides are very endgamey is that towards 160CP gear and the CP beyond are where builds begin to matter.

I would advise NOT following a guide until you hit level 50 or beyond, because otherwise you are wasting valuable gold on buying gear and respeccing skill points.

As long as you know you want to build stamina, that's good! You can put your points 50:50 between stamina and health while leveling. This is because most other players who already have a max level character while leveling, get the bonus of their 501CP to put on a lv 1 character, and thus could get away with 1:0 point distribution. As you are new, you won't have these bonuses and surviving will do.

As for skill rotations and strategy, you can't really start doing that until you have almost all the passives you will need (i.e., class and weapon lines, racial passives, which means a lot of leveling.)

For gear, quest items are generally fine. However, you could splash out and find a crafter to make you a set at level 10/20/30/40 with all traits in training, to level as fast as possible. Gear more often than that leads to just a waste of gold, and you could potentially get away with it at just 5 and 30 if you are a real cheapskate, using any gear you find in the wild with a training trait to supplement.

To be viable for both PvE and PvP should be okay for a DPS character, although you are limited without doing the Maelstrom Arena for that sweet sweet weapon set.


Once you hit 50, you begin to gain CP. I would advise trying to get a CP160 character as quickly as possible, so that you have access to gear usable across every other character you make. After that, feel free to roll other characters. Or you can roll another once the first one gets to 50, switch back and forth between the Lowbie and the 50 to slowly acquire CP, if you want to have a bunch of options classwise as you approach endgame.

I would advise you to play the character you want - you can always respec later on if you feel it isn't working. I would say Stamsorc is harder than a Stam DK. Sorcerers in general rely a lot on shields and maneuverability, whereas a DK can force their opponent to fight where they are, and have access to incredible resource control. My recommendation would definitely be DK for a first timer, (it was my first character also). They are naturally tankier than the other classes with the Earthen Heart skill tree, so dying is less of an issue in PvP. They have access to the best class self-heal in the game, too. The morph for the Chain skill which refunds mana if the target cannot be pulled is amazing, and with that, talons, and Draconic Leap you are a CC machine in PvP, too.

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Please make a minimal effort to spec out for endgame PVE content

I guess the point I'm really wanting to stress is...wearing heavy armor and spamming wrecking blow in vet trials is not how you pull good DPS.


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