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A guide for Elder Scrolls Online beginners' necessities

Now a lot of gamers are starting to play Elder Scrolls Online, but a lot of beginners do not know how to play better, today, I will write to those beginners about "beginner's necessities guide" article, hope Able to help those beginners.


  • You first balance your own role

Level up as many skill lines as possible while you're levelling your character, because the opportunity cost is tiny compared to the hassle of going out and re-XPing at max level when you need the skill line later.

  • Raw crafting materials

Raw crafting materials are worth massively more money than refined materials, to the point where you're throwing away a ton of gold if you refine stuff now.

Explanation: Once you have 3/3 points in the refining skills, you can get the highest quality temper materials and improve your gear to legendary quality. These materials sell for several thousand gold each, and refining is by far the best way to get them.

  • Join the fighters guild and mages guild ASAP

Explanation: Fighters guild XPs mostly by killing daedra and undead. You'll do a lot of this while playing normally, particularly if you clear dolmens. Mages guild XPs by discovering lorebooks, sort of like how you find skyshards out in the wild.

Fighters Guild also has a daily for doing 3x dolmens in a certain area, while Mages Guild has a daily for picking up an item behind the boss of a public dungeon.

Undaunted delve dailies can be done at any level after you've finished the quest to join them. These help you level the Undaunted skill line, which is very useful.

  • Use second set of weapons

And you can wield a second set of weapons and have a second set of skills starting at level 15. Learning to use both sets effectively is very important if you want to do endgame content, though it's hard to see the advantage to this while you're just levelling. Still, good to know.

  • Into Cyrodiil

Even if you have zero interest in PVP, pop into Cyrodiil and at least do the tutorials. This will unlock two skill lines which have useful skills, and also give you some free skill points. One of the "useful skills" you unlock is a +30% movespeed power that you can use while mounted, making even a level 1 horse massively faster than walking because you can use the horse's stamina to sprint and your own stamina to keep the power running.

As soon as you hit level 10, head to Cyrodiil and complete the tutorial, which enables you to purchase Rapid Maneuver. This gives you a speed boost whilst mounted, or on foot, which greatly speeds up travel while you struggle to level your mount speed.

Elder Scrolls Online wallpaper

  • Enchanting

If you are into crafting/are plan for the long game. It would be smart to make a dedicated crafter that combines blacksmithing / tailoring / woodworking. That way you only have to buy motifs once.Other professions are useful but do not require motifs. Enchanting is probably the hardest/most expensive profession to level but can give you a stable income (if you get enough materials to substain). Provision and alchemy are very easy to level and you can pick them up at any time.

Enchanting is easy. Find someone in zone chat who also needs to level enchanting, have them make a bunch of runes, and you make a bunch, trade all the runes and disassemble each others runes to get the max XP from them, you can both max level it in 30 mins.

You must try to have a skill from each of the three class trees as you can. Before you unlock your second skill bar at Level 15, try to have one skill from each tree to level up that tree. Also turn in quests with all the skills you want leveled - If you have a skill that you don't have on your active bar when you turn in a quest, you won't get EXP for it.

  • Breaking down weapons and armor for traits

If you are going to craft, or even think you might, start breaking down weapons and armor for traits. There's 9 traits for every item, and each trait you learn doubles the time until you and learn the next one, to the point it's like a month between researches. You can spend points to open up more slots (up to 3 at a time per craft) as well as slightly reduced duration.

Make sure you use light, medium, and heavy armor (five of one type, then one of the other two types). This will level up the skill tree now to unlock passives and also give you more build flexibility later.

E.g: Unlock light/medium/heavy armor lines by wearing 3x pieces of them at once (this is unnecessary if you made your character before patch 3.0.5), then wear at least one of each type so you gain XP in all 3. Likewise, keep at least one skill from all 3 class-based skill lines slotted at all times.

Above is my guide to those beginners, hoping to help you, I wish you a happy play.

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